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Club Coordinators @ $20/hr

(Always available on demand, just place a request.)

  • Manages recruitment of childcare and coaches

  • Does background checks for all recruits

  • Oversight of video monitoring team

Monitoring Team @ $10/hr

  • PlayCulum tech team can set up live video streaming.

  • This team monitors the camp nonstop

  • Using 3-4 cameras while the camp is going on.

  • They notify parents if they come across anything not approved of.

PlayCulum Club Managers @ $40/hr

  • Single point of contact for everyone.

  • Does continuous fun curriculum planning

  • Presents the report in parents’ weekly meeting

  • Incorporates curriculum changes as required

  • Sets up courses and project materials for kids

Facilitator / Childcare / Coach @ $15 – $30/hr

  • They double up as trainers and coordinators.

  • They can manage up to 5 children.

  • Coordination with parents for pick up and drop off

  • Contact point for parents while camp is on

PlayCulum Tech Support Team @ $20/hr

  • Setting up live video monitoring

  • Technical help for childproofing networks and devices (computer, tab, mobile, laptop, etc)

  • Any other technical support on need basis.

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