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Terms & Conditions

PlayCulum is an information portal for use by parents and facilitators.

  • Facilitators are those who manage the sessions in groups or individually. It can be a parent, or someone contracted by the parents – baby sitter, a professional coach, or a teacher.
  • This site contains material for different ages, and caters to different nationalities and cultures.
  • We cannot assume that any of the contents are safe for your children, and PlayCulum does not assume that responsibility.
  • Much of the contents that is created and the links that may be on this site are user generated contents.
  • PlayCulum does not moderate all the user contents, especially the comments and feedbacks.
  • Parents and facilitators are completely responsible for how the PlayCulum contents are used.
  • Parent is a generic word used on PlayCulum, it could represent the legal guardian or a benefactor of the child, who takes complete responsibility for all inputs that is passed on from PlayCulum to the child.
  • The parent needs to conduct all due diligence to make sure that the contents are age appropriate, and is safe for your child.
  • Maximum liability of PlayCulum in any event is refund of any payments made to us.
  • PlayCulum is a platform under development, and keeps evolving, and we may not be able to share all details of update with you.
  • You accept all our terms when you choose to work with us.


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