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    Hi! My name is Morgan and I would love to babysit your child/children! 🙂 I am caring, loving, kind and responsible, and have demonstrated this through my volunteer work and high school grades. Being the second oldest to several cousins, I have experience watching and caring for children of a variety of ages. Throughout my life, I have played with and helped care for them whenever I visit. As well, during Middle and throughout High school, I have babysat children (primarily infants) at my temple during the High Holy Days. This experience gave me the opportunity to care for babies and learn how to collaborate with others to meet their needs. Also, my Freshman year of High school I was a Mother’s Helper for a three year old boy. I watched and played with him while his mother worked. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. As well, the summer before my Senior year of High school, I became a Camp Counselor Aid for a group of Kindergarten girls at a local day camp. For eight weeks and eight hours a day, I watched the children, spent time with them, took them to all of their activities and made sure their needs were met. Some of the many responsibilities included (but were not limited to) applying and reapplying sunscreen, helping them changed before and after swim, bringing them to countless activities, (theatre, arts and crafts, tennis, among others) and feeding them lunch as well as snacks everyday. I partook in these sports and activities with them as well. This job was highly demanding, but it was a lot of fun too. I truly bonded with the children and enjoyed my experience. Additionally, I am CPR and First Aid certified (as of 2019) and can help in the event of an emergency. Further, I love pets and have experience working with them. I volunteered at the Randolph Regional Animal Center during my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school, where I took care of and played with the cats. I have also owned a cat for a large portion of my life. Currently, I have a six year old Lhasa Apso dog. I have experience with feeding, walking, playing with, and bathing her. As well, I can handle any necessary housekeeping work that you need. I have plenty of experience taking care of my living environment. Further, my skill set and experience with children makes me well qualified for this job. I would be able to start immediately. I look forward to working with your family and getting to know your children! 🙂


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