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    • Julia Babis Photographer / Translator / Sports Teacher IN Bound brook, NJ 0 review
    • Arts and crafts
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    I have always had passion for photography. Every year, since I was little, I would take hundreds of pictures and make some edits all by myself. In the latest years of school a subject of photography was added and I attended it right away and learned much more.

    Even though I had learned a lot on my own and by searching on internet, that subject, I have to say, propelled my skills to a much higher level. I am always looking forward to doing any type of trip to start using my camera, it is definitely one of my biggest hobbies.

    After school, I went to a university in the United States and studied Visual Communications. In that major, besides photography, there were many other subjects and programs I studied. I really hope I can help you with your project.


    • Hourly Rate: 11.00/h
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    • Experience: 8 years
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