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How do I join membership with PlayCulum ?

Go to the PlayCulum home page and click on the “signup” link on the top-right. Or you can follow the link Register.

What are the benefits I will get by joining PlayCulum membership?

While joining PlayCulum as a member you will get the benefits that are discussed in our member terms.

How many members does PlayCulum have?

Membership is by the company and we have over 200 company members. We are currently adding around 5 companies per week. The majority of attendees at our events are directors, senior managers, and owner-entrepreneurs. So you will be speaking to decision-makers at our events, making our events more effective and a better use of your money and time.

Who is eligible for membership in PlayCulum ?

All business owners or working professionals, students, women employees and others that meet the membership criteria and most importantly, want to work with small businesses.

How much are the membership dues?

PlayCulum membership worth $500 but for the first 10,000 new members, we don’t charge a joining/registration/training fee.

Are the events included in membership?

Yes, all PlayCulum events are included in the cost of membership.

Can I attend PlayCulum networking events as a non-member?

Yes, all PlayCulum events are included in the cost of membership.Yes, we welcome all businesses, of all sizes, members and non-members to our networking events. Non-members are welcome to attend two events as a guest before making any commitment to membership.

Does it cost anything to attend PlayCulum events?

As a guest, yes, we ask to cover the costs for catering, venue and of course the networking! Members have the events included in meetings as stated above.

What businesses are represented at PlayCulum networking events?

We host a whole range of different businesses from varying industries and sizes. To see the types of businesses our members come from, click here.

How often does PlayCulum meet?

Venture Network Groups meet on a weekly basis, both morning and evening groups are available.

How many people attend PlayCulum meetings?

Each network group grows to a max of 30 members. Weekly meetings are typically attended by approximately 20-25 members and guests are always welcome.

How long do PlayCulum meetings last?

Each meeting lasts 90 minutes, with the inclusion of a coffee break mid-way. In addition to meeting with members both before and after group meetings, our members utilize the mid-meeting break to follow up on opportunities.

Do I have to be part of a chapter?

If a member lives within 50 miles or 80 kilometers of a chapter, he or she must join the chapter. If you live more than 50 miles or 80 kilometers from a chapter, you are welcome to join as a Member-at-Large. You can view a list of our chapters and regions here. click here.

How can I access the PlayCulum dashboard?

After signing up or logging into PlayCulum , you can able to access your dashboard where you will get all the options to take appropriate actions.

What are the notifications in PlayCulum ?

It will display the notifications that have links to all updates from PlayCulum like events created or joined, friends request, messages sent or received, points achieved, course items or course information that have been changed, etc.

How does the messages tab work?

The messages tab allows you to send and receive messages from other PlayCulum members. You can also view, search and delete the messages as per your requirements.

What can I see in my community tab?

In my community tab, you can see a full list of members with their last active status. You can filter and search a particular member. Other than that you can also view the admins on “all instructors tab”.

What does the Q&A tab do?

This deals with quality assurance for PlayCulum regarding any issues or conflicts if you have any. Just fill-up the question and write a short description, it’s great if you sent an image of that conflict that makes our work easier to solve ASAP.

How do I organize my courses on the dashboard?

It allows you to view and organize all your courses as a tiled list. You can click into any one of your courses and go directly to its main landing page. You can also view the course result (secured marks in %) and the status of your course.

How to view my activity log?

From the dashboard go to Activity Log menu on the left, you can select and view activities sorted by one of the many categories available. They are your personal posts, your friends’ posts, posts you are tagged in, likes, courses, the people you follow, your activity and comments in groups.

How do I update my profile?

From the dashboard go to Profile menu on the left and change your profile options, control how others see you and your profile. These settings include things like your name, business name & type, and profile picture.

What are the notifications in PlayCulum ?

It will display the notifications that have links to all updates from PlayCulum like events created or joined, friends request, messages sent or received, points achieved, course items or course information that have been changed, etc.

How does the messages tab work?

The messages tab allows you to send and receive messages from other PlayCulum members. You can also view, search and delete the messages as per your requirements.

How do I join a meeting?

From your dashboard, go to groups and simply click on any of the chapters that you are currently a member to see their events. Then go to events log on that particular chapter to view any meetings are currently held and click on the directly join or buy a ticket to join a meeting.

Where can I see the meetings that are approved?

You can see all your approved meetings or promised to join, at the meetings log from the main dashboard. Here either you can accept or reject the meeting.

Where can I view the list of friends and receive friend requests?

To view your “friends list”, you’ll just need to click on the Friends tab on the main dashboard. It also shows the no of friends requests you got from other members on “Requests”, where you can accept/reject the friend requests.

Who is entitled to create a Club?

Only the Club admin is allowed to create a Club. While there are certain terms and conditions for a member to create a Club and invite the contacts to join a Club. For further reference go to admin Tab.

How can I find out the Club I have joined & how can I accept/reject the invitation sent by the Club or members?

On the main dashboard go to Club to see the list of Club /members you are a part of. Accept/reject their invitations and also take action to attend a meeting or not on events.

Can I invite my friends outside the PlayCulum community to join a Club?

You will find the function “Send Invites” on the left-hand side of the member dashboard page. Enter the email addresses (up to 5nos) you would like to invite, add a subject or customize the test if you want to, select the Club and click on “Send”. Check the invitation is sent successfully or not on sent invites tab.

How do I change my email address or reset my login password?

Go to the “settings” tab from the main dashboard page, it will open a general settings page where you can update your mail ID and also reset your password. There are also more options like email notification setting & profile visibility, where you do necessary changes.

How can I delete my account?

Go to the “settings” tab from the main dashboard page, click on the “delete account” tab, check the button and click on delete account button. Remember your account cannot be recovered.

How do achievements and badges work?

When joining a course and completing the certifications, a member can earn achievements! Similarly, a member can earn badges for the events they are hosting. You can see your achievements on the main dashboard page. Consult your group/chapter admin to create events.

Can I purchase an online training course?

Yes, you can by going to “Courses” from the main menu of the PlayCulum home page. Add to cart and purchase the desired course.

Where can I view the purchased courses?

Go to your member dashboard page and click the “Courses” tab on the left-hand side to see the status of your courses.

What is the pricing structure of the courses available in PlayCulum ?

There are free as well as paid courses available that can be seen on “Courses” from the PlayCulum home page.

Is there any limitation of the courses purchased?

There is no limitation as such now. You can purchase unlimited courses, complete anytime and earn certifications & badges.

What is the pricing structure of the courses available in PlayCulum ?

There are free as well as paid courses available that can be seen on “Courses” from the PlayCulum home page.

Where can I find the training that I have owned/purchased provided by the Club?

You must be a member of that particular Club to see their training/courses. You will be notified to complete a course on the “Training” tab as own or purchased on your main dashboard page.

How will I be notified once I have completed the course?

In the “achievements” section you will get the notifications of your achievements after completing a course successfully.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course?

Yes, you will receive a valid certificate after completing a course which will be rewarded by the group admin.

What if I don’t take a course offered by the Club admin in which I am a member?

It depends on your admin to decide and take responsive action.

Where is the training located?

It’s completely an online course where PlayCulum and its partners offer the training worldwide.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties during the class?

We have online technical assistance in the event that you experience a problem. Or you can directly get the assistance through online chat support to get solved your queries.

Are there any specific requirements for self-paced and web-based training?

You should be a member of PlayCulum to take any online courses available. And also you must be a member of any group/chapters to get the courses available.

How does the online course work?

All of our online courses are video-based. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer via online chat support.

How do I find quizzes on a particular subject?

If you wanted to find a quiz assigned by your group admin, click “Quizzes” on the main dashboard page.

How do I select a quiz to play?

When you click on a quiz subject from “Quizzes”, it will take you to the quiz listing page which shows the quiz titles – click the “Start” button beside any that you want to start. The quizzes are only available to members.

Can I play a quiz more than once?

Yes, you can. This is just for interactivity which will increase your IQ.

How do I view my online Order History?

Go to “Orders” log in the dashboard on the left side of the page, see your pending orders and recent shipments, and view the order status.

What is a vendor?

The vendor is a seller who wants to sell his products and services on PlayCulum. You have to be a PlayCulum member first in order to become a vendor.

Why should I sell at PlayCulum ?

PlayCulum provides the online marketplace platform that features several local and regional vendors in regular and pop-up markets selling everything from handmade jewelry, crafts, and soaps to vintage bikes and used books.

You should sell at PlayCulum because it’s a fun and festive market experience! We are welcoming to vendors and well-managed, so you can focus on selling. You’ll meet customers from right down the street (and all over the world) and make valuable connections to help you grow your business.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of joining the PlayCulum marketplace community are numerous, but in a nutshell, you can:

  • Attract more customers by promoting your online store
  • Benefit from the collective promotion of the marketplace by all Vendors
  • You get the advantage of our local marketing expertise & media
  • Get personal support and guidance with creating your profile and product listings – we are here to help you succeed
  • We are all about supporting local independent businesses and helping them grow
  • It is the easiest way to get your business online
  • Reach more customers and give them the convenience of buying from you even when you are not open!

Who can become a vendor?

Anyone who is a PlayCulum member and interested to sell his/her products and services through PlayCulum. Whether you are a builder, artist, craftsperson, designer, or just generally someone with really neat, original ideas, or a local business with a community focus, looking to expand your brand can apply.

What is included?

With our complete Marketing Package, you get:

  • An easy to use Online Store
  • A Vendor Dashboard with the ability to add and manage your products and store details
  • Ability to take payments for orders
  • Set your own shipping rates
  • Manage and track your sales online
  • Search Engine Optimization so that you get found for relevant keywords
  • Benefit from the collaborative promotion of the Online Marketplace
  • Share and sell your products easily on your Facebook page

What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started is to become a member of KPlayCulum first and submit your vendor application and we will get in touch to discuss the rest. In preparation for opening your online store with us, you could collate product images and a product list of those items you would like to sell online. We will help you organize all this of course

How much does it cost to become a vendor?

It’s completely free to register as a vendor but there are certain terms & conditions apply. Check here.

What is the condition for becoming a vendor?

Anyone who is registering as a vendor should have proper address verification and documentation for selling products.

What types of vendors are accepted?

We welcome first-timers and occasional vendors, selling quality handmade goods. Examples include home goods, jewelry, art, antiques and vintage goods, books, records, pottery, furniture, clothing, kids toys and more.

How long does it take to find out if I’ve been accepted as a vendor?

Once our PlayCulum team will review all your details, you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours of applying.

What is the payment policy of the site?

The payment will be delivered to you after 15 days of the product or service delivered with the satisfaction of the buyer.

How can I add my products?

Go to the vendor dashboard and then to product manager tab in the submenu you will find add products tab

Is the privacy policy amendable?

Yes, you can change the privacy policy for your store from vendor dashboard >> store settings >> policies.

How is storefront helpful?

All your orders asked, pending, declined, etc. is visible.

Can I decline any order for in-house issues?

Yes if you are not able to deliver the product you can disown the order.

Can I publicize my other social media account in PlayCulum?

Yes you can add all your social media account from the vendor dashboard and will be visible in your store view if someone approaches your store

How payments will be transferred to the vendor?

Add your payments details in the dashboard and then will be transferred within 15 days of delivery.

How many products can vendor add to the marketplace?

As many as you want to add.

How can I upload my images products?

On your vendor dashboard >> product manager – you can see all your products and add new products.

Can I have the representation of my total sales and orders?

Go to dashboard >> stats/orders >> overview to check all your orders, sales, total earnings, etc.

How can orders tab help vendor?

You can see all your order’s here with ID, date, earnings, status, and action.

Where can I get a statement for payments redeemed?

Go to dashboard >> payments >> history.

Is there a contract I have to sign?Is there a contract I have to sign?

There is no contract to sign — simply a data sheet so that we can get your information entered into the computer system.

Are there any pricing guidelines? Do I set my own prices?

No. You can set your own prices and make any markdowns as you see fit. However, you must follow tag and retag instructions.

I want to sell items that are different from what I sell now. Is that possible?

Yes! You may sell other items provided they are not in one of the categories closed to new vendors.

What level of experience or knowledge do I need?

You do not have to be techno whiz to have your online store with the online marketplace. We have made it as simple as possible.

There are a few key things you must be able to do however such as have access to the internet to manage your store details, regularly check your emails (to receive notification of your sales) and have the ability to manage online banking.

Where do I apply?

Complete the online no obligation Vendor Application form the dashboard as a PlayCulum member and we will get in touch.

Why I will sell from PlayCulum online marketplace platform if I have my own e-commerce website?

We provide website security and search optimization benefits too with an easy to use the platform. PLUS you get our 5-star personalized support, and we are just a phone call away.

What is a Club admin?

Club admin is an owner of a particular Club that has control over membership, Club type, settings, rules and more.

What are the responsibilities of a Club admin?

Club admin can create events, manage members, send notes, change settings and many more.

How can you become a Club admin?

There are certain terms and conditions to become a Club admin. Click the link here.

What is admin training?

Admin training helps accelerate your career goals and provide flexibility in the ways you learn how to shape the future of both you and your organization.

Can Club admin become a vendor?

Yes, a Club admin can also become a vendor by doing the vendor registration on the home page of the website. Or else if you are already a vendor, go to the vendor page by clicking on (blank) from the home.

Can Club admin have sub-admins for Club activities?

Yes, they can have sub-admins for carrying various Club activities, access and manage the Club.

What is the procedure to make a sub-admin?

First, the group admin has to send the members list (nos) to the site admin for becoming a sub-admin. Finally, the request must be verified and accepted by the site admin.

What Powers do sub-admin withhold?

A sub-admin also can work as a group admin to create events, manage groups, add members and more.

Can Club admin create a quiz in a chapter?

Yes, a Club admin can create quiz type in a chapter. Go to dashboard >> LMS>> All Quizzes. And add your quizzes here.

Can Club admin create courses in a chapter?

To add a course to your Club – go to your dashboard >> LMS>> All courses. You can also sell the courses to only your Club members.

What are assignments in PlayCulum?

Assignments are the tasks by the group admin to its members in a particular group. Tasks can be completing a course, attending an event, doing charity, etc.

How can I add media?

You can add images, videos, infographics, etc., on your group that will be seen by all of the members. The members can like, share, comment it also.

How can I create events?

Go to dashboard >> Event >> Add Event. Add all the information details and this will add a new event.

How to add locations for events?

Go to dashboard >> Event >> Locations >>Add Locations

How to contact site admin when you need?

Raise tickets for any issues or support from the tickets tab in the main dashboard.

What is an awareness activity or interactivity poll in Club?

You can create polls to interact with your members and generate awareness. From the Polls tab in the dashboard, you can create polls.

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